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STAFF Name: Dana


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  • 21歳
  • ノンネイティブ※カナダ帰国子女のためほぼネイティブ(ウクライナ)
  • 日本語は少しだけわかります。
Literature / History / Politics / Travel / Photograph
Hello there, my name is Dana and I’m from Ukraine, but till the age of 10 I’ve lived in Ottawa, Canada, so I’m quite familiar with both countries. I’m a bachelor of international economic relations as well as a translator from English. So, English has always been a part of my everyday life.

In my opinion, learning is a mutual process, where both the teacher and the student take part in. So let us sit down and have a relaxed and interesting chat, offering each other a fascinating first-person perspective on our cultures?

  • 珈琲処ボナール
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    東京都台東区上野1-18-11 山光堂ビル1階

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  • Hi-Story Cafe
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    東京都渋谷区渋谷2-11-5 クロスオフィス渋谷メディオ 1F

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    Hi-Story Cafe